Caviar Decorative Finish

Product Overview

Caviar Decorative Finish is a stunningly beautiful finishing product that produces a soft sheen appearance. The unique composition of the product allows it to be a perfect base blend for trendy pastel and more vibrant colours. Our Caviar Decorative Finish is the perfect way to complete your polished plastering project. 

The Bellissimo Caviar Decorative Finish is supplied to our customers as a fine granular, plata (silver) base. The silver colour of this product is the reason for the soft gleaming finish of our Caviar Decorative Finish and what makes it such a wonderful base for personalised colourings. 

The Caviar Decorative Finish is available to our customers in a 2.5lt, premixed state. This allows for easy application and mixing to create your bespoke and personalised product. The fine granular texture of the Caviar Decorative Finish allows trained professionals to apply and manipulate the product in a variety of ways to create a myriad of different textures and finishes. It is easy to use and apply with a variety of different tools, so is a handy and useful tool in any professionals kit.

This product is available to our customers in 2.5 ltr containers and can cover an approximate 10-15m squared when correctly applied. The product is versatile and easy to apply, so a trained professional can achieve a huge range of results from just one product. 

The team at Bellissimo are always looking for new methods and products to add to our line of decorative finishes. As the Caviar Decorative Finish is such a versatile product, our team are able to achieve a soft, smooth linear look. This product creates beautiful, bespoke finishes on both small and large surface areas, so you can be sure that your project will have a consistent surface, no matter its size. Our customers and clients can be sure that every product that is supplied is fully endorsed by our team.


The application of our Caviar Decorative Finish is entirely dependent on the finish you are seeking. This product is very versatile and can be applied in a variety of methods, including but not limited to;

  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Trowel

To close down, our team recommends a plastic blade or texturing tool. The fine granular texture lends itself well to creating bespoke textured finishes that are unlike any other. We advise that the Caviar Decorative Finish is applied over either a white primer coat of a coloured emulsion base.

The colour finish of the Caviar Decorative Finish is only limited to your imagination! We have a standard colour range available, but if you have a specific shade in mind or are looking for something more personalised, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our tinting service is available to help you find your perfect finish. 

If you require any training or instruction regarding our products or the Caviar Decorative Finish, please contact our team for more information regarding our training sessions.