Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish

Our Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish provides a soft and pearlecent sheen to any decorative project. This product is simple to apply and can be easily personalised to suit your specific needs and design brief. 

Our Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish can be used in our standard colour range or can be tinted by our dedicated team to match your needs. The sleek finish of our Damasco makes it a very popular product amongst our customers, and we are so confident in our product that we can offer you a sample pot before you commit to buying. 

Our team recommend that our Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish is only applied with a synthetic trowel. This ensures that you get the very best from the product and the longevity of the finish. Although there are a variety of different application methods, our team recommend a flexible, synthetic trowel for Damasco Decorative Finish. The flexibility of the synthetic material allows the user to control the level of suction over large areas of application and create the perfect finish. All tools and plastering equipment can be found in our Bellissimo online shop. Our customers can easily purchase tools and be assured that they are receiving the best quality products.

Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish can also be referred to by other companies as Dune or Perlata. This name change is often the choice of the company. Our Damasco Decorative Finish creates a smooth, velvety look when properly applied. Our product also has a stunning mica finish to it, which yields a metallic, pearlescent sheen. 

Our Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish is supplied in 2.5ltr containers and in the base colour ‘Plata’, which is a soft, silver colour. However, if you require a specific tint or colour added, our in house, expert team can personalise our Damasco Decorative Velvet Finish to suit your needs.

If you require a brochure, please contact our team. Our brochures contain over 30 different colour swatches and options. They are accompanied with application instructions to ensure that you achieve exceptional results. 

Our brochure is the perfect tool to help our customers choose from our wide range of colours and finishes. With our vast collection of shades and tints, our sample brochure is a valuable tool in our arsenal. 

We only supply products that we love and work with. We are so confident in our products that we happily supply our customers with a sample before they commit to purchase. When you work with Bellissimo Decorative Finishes, you are assured to receive the finest quality materials and superior customer service. 

We recommend that our products are only applied by trained professionals. If training is something that you require, our team can help. We offer training and education programmes to all of our clients, ensuring that you always get the very best results from our products. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to speak to a member of our professional team, please do not hesitate to contact us