“Homes Under The Hammer” Feature Polished Plaster Walls

Feature Polished Plaster Walls

Bellissimo walls Ltd were invited to work with a designer who’s plan was totally renovate a 1950’s home. The designer wanted to feature polished plaster on both  large and small wall areas within the property.


The property was situatied on a London street filled with period properties. The property at the start stood out for all the wrong reasons, and the aim was to change this.

This was the type of project that was going to require some brave  strong decision making to achieve the end goal. There had to be a lot of thought given to the external look of the property in order to comply with planning etc.

Thankfully the designer had the vision and by working together with all concerned parties, our work paid off.   The result achieved on this project  turned out to be truly astounding.


This turned out to be a truly  fantastic renovation project. We were given the opportunity to create finishes that were excitinly different for the feature wall areas.  To start the process off we created a range of samples then worked with these to create the final result.


The designers vision came into fruition and we at Bellissimo Decorative finishines are proud to have been a part of the process.


As the property underwent such an amazing transformation it was featured as a cover story  by  the BBC’s programme “Homes Under The Hammer”.

Our beautiful Venetian Polished Plaster feature walls can be seen briefly on the  BBC ‘Homes Under the Hammer Programme’.

One area focused on in the programme wasin the hall.  Our work  needed to stand  along with some bespoke lighting features, purchased by the  designer.

The feature wall extended the whole height of the  refurbished/renovated hall stairwell to the top floor.

The finish was a mixture of Bold Metallic Patina Colours,  violets and green. The Patina really added a new dimension to our polished plaster work. The colours helped to bring out everybit of natural light in the area. Our Plaster had to work well with the bespoke lighting sets that were inset into the feature wall design.

The metamorphic transformation is wonderful to see!

It is a beautiful practical home that stands out now for all the right reasons.

A Brave move that paid off.

Click on the short video link  that features  Our Modern Polished Plaster Feature Wall !