Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers

At Bellissimo Decorative Finishes, we are proud to be your trusted Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers.  We supply tradespeople with the highest quality Marmorino materials and supplies that yield superior results. Marmorino falls under the broader umbrella of Venetian Plaster and is used by trained professionals to produce a smooth, glossy texture and a satin effect finish.

Lime Based Polished Plaster Suppliers

Marmorino is a lime based material that is mixed with a fine marble dust or grain. It is the marble grain that gives the Marmorino it’s distinct shine and nuanced colouring. It is a noticeably easy product to work with and can be applied to create a variety of finishes and surfaces. Our Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers assure our customers that our products are 100% natural and synthetic free.

Personalised Quantity Marmorino Polished Plaster

We supply our Marmorino in both premixed and powdered form. Our premixed Marmorino is available to purchase in both 15kg and 18kg batches, whereas our powdered Marmorino is available in 18kg containers only. Our Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers advise our customers to purchase our powdered Marmorino if you desire a particularly personalised quantity. We can cater to larger orders and if required, we can provide pallet shipping anywhere in the world.

Our Marmorino Polished Plaster is available in two varieties; fine grain and coarse grain. Our fine grain Marmorino is named Alhambra Petreo Fino and can be used to achieve a classic, light and soft finish. This product produces a smooth, polished stone of concrete effect at a fraction of the cost. Our fine grain, premixed Marmorino can be buffed and polished to produce a beautiful finish with our 100% natural beeswax that is available to purchase from our online store.

Textured Finished Marmorino Polished Plaster

If you are seeking a more rugged, textured finish to your plaster, our Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers have the perfect product. With  Rocky Tex, our granular Marmorino, our clients can create textured finishes such as travertine and dragged. Rocky Tex can also be used to create an aged stone effect.

Our Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers advise all customers and clients that our products are only suited to be applied by trained professionals. To achieve the very best results from all of our Marmorino products, we advise that it be used by qualified tradespeople. If training is something that you require, we are happy to help. At Bellissimo Designers Finishes, our fully qualified staff can offer you a bespoke and personalised training session or course that will teach you the necessary skills to get your ideal results. You will be guaranteed to receive specialised advice from our artisan, trained staff.

Confident Marmorino Polished Plaster Suppliers

We are so confident in our products that we use them in our own projects on a regular basis. To ensure the perfect finish, we recommend that our customers use a primer base and expert sealer from our online shop. All primers and natural beeswax sealers supplied by Bellissimo Decorative Finishes are completely compatible with all of our polished plasters.

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