Metallic Paint Range

At Bellissimo, we are excited to offer our customers our outstanding, colour rich, easy to apply Metal Paint Range. Our Metallic Paint Range is one of our most popular items and the high-quality shine and application of this product means that it is a cut above the rest. Our customers can be assured that our team have contrasted and compared this paint against other water-based products on the market; there is no comparison!

What surfaces can I use this product on?

Our Metal Paint Range is suited to a variety of different surfaces. It is designed to be applied to wood and metal surfaces as a primary finish or over polished and Marmorino Plaster as a secondary and complementary finish. Our Metal Paint Range can add a finishing touch of dimension and drama to any project. It can also be mixed and combined with over 60 varieties of colour and tint from our range to create a unique and personalised finish. The only limit is our imagination and our Metal Paint Range allows applicators to get creative and design new and exciting combinations.

Our Metal Paint Range is available in 7 different base colours;

  • Gold
  • Old Gold
  • Silver
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Burgundy

How do you apply this product?

As with many of our products, our Metal Paint Range can be applied in a number of ways, either as a primary colour or as a finishing touch to our polished, Marmorino Plaster. Our team at Bellissimo frequently use our products in our own projects, so customers can be assured that we have the knowledge and experience with these products to recommend the best manners of application.

The following methods of application suit help you to get the very best from this product:

  • Roller
  • Ribbon
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Professional Decorative Glove

We recommend that all products supplied by Bellissimo are used by trained professionals only. This ensures proper application and product management, but also that you receive the very best finish from your project.

Water Base Product

Our Metal Paint Range is a water-based product. This means that it is easy to use, manage and apply when used by a trained professional. It is low odour and dries quickly and efficiently in comparison to non-water based competitors. Water-based products are also quicker and easier to clean and leave no oily residue on tools.


At Bellissimo, we always recommend that our products are used and applied by trained professionals only. This is to ensure proper use and that you are guaranteed the very best finish. If training is something that you require, please do not hesitate to contact our team and discuss our courses and training opportunities.


Our team are so confident in our products that we frequently use them in our own projects. Our Metallic Paint Range. If you require any advice or guidance on how to use our products on how to properly apply them, please do not hesitate to ask.