Old Gold Paint

Adding a unique and antique feel to any interior or exterior surface, our Old Gold Paint is the perfect way to add an interesting finish to your project. Specifically designed for wood, metal and skimmed plaster surfaces, our Old Gold Paint adds a depth and richness of colour that is unmatched by industry favourites and leaders. Enriched by a luxurious metallic glitter, this paint leaves your surface with a sheen and colour pay off that is second to none.

Old Gold Paint Formula

Our range of metallic paints is water-based and available in 1ltr containers. With a thick, glossy formula, our Old Gold Paint is easy to apply and layer to get the very best results and colour pay off. This formula can be used as a primary or secondary finish on a variety of surfaces and is easily applied and cleaned. Every drop is packed with glitter pigments and colour, so we guarantee the maximum payoff with every layer. We guarantee that our metallic paint will bring extra dimension and depth to your metal, wood or polished plaster surface.

Our Old Gold Paint can be easily mixed with our range of 60+ colours paints and pigments to create your bespoke and personalised finish

Old Gold Paint Application

We recommend that all products in our metallic paint range are only applied and handled by trained professionals. This water-based product is easy to clean away from tools and applicators and is easy to move around when working with. As it is water-based, our Old Gold Metallic Paint is odourless and quick drying. As a primary finish, it can be applied to wood, metal or walls in a thin layer to provide a beautiful, glitter sheen to your project. As a secondary finish, we recommend applying over Marmorino or skimmed plaster to create a layered definition. We recommend that professionals get the best results from the following applications:

  • Roller
  • Ribbon Roller
  • Brush
  • Professional Decorating Glove

Available Colours in our Metallic Paint Range

In addition to our Old Gold Paint, we also offer a range of different colours and pigments to suit a variety of needs. We offer 8 different base colours for our metallic paint range, including:

  • Gold
  • Old Gold
  • Silver
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Burgandy

In addition to our base pigments, we also offer a bespoke mixing service. We can provide over 60 different colours and pigments to be mixed with our metallic paint range to create your unique combination.

Everything else

If you would like to see our metallic paint range, we can provide a swatch booklet and sample pot of your chosen colour for your consideration. If you would like to see a portfolio of our work, please visit our Instagram and other social media platforms where we post pictures from our own work and our customer’s projects. If you require any training or would like to speak with a member of our team regarding our range of metallic paints, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit: