Silver Metallic Water Base Paint

If you are looking to upgrade and refresh your walls and surfaces, our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint can be used to add a classic and sleek metallic sheen to your property. No other product on the market can produce a finish in quite the same way as our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint.

Available in 1ltr container sizes for your convenience, our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint is second to none. It is an exceptionally high-quality product that can be applied as a primary finish or a secondary, complementary finish. Our metallic paint is able to be applied to wood and metal surfaces in addition to skimmed and polished plaster.

What makes this product stand out?

Our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint is versatile and flexible. Not only can it be used as a finishing touch to any surface, but it can also be combined with over 60 different colours and tints to create a bespoke and personalised finish for your walls and surfaces.

Versatile and unique, our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint is also a joy to work with. Not only does the water base of the paint mean that this product is low odour and emits minimal fumes, but it is also quick drying and easy to clean away from tools and applicators. Our products are for use on internal and external surfaces, so are hard-wearing and reliable.

Why do we like it?

At Bellissimo, we only sell and supply products that we are fully confident in. We know how wonderful and reliable our products are because we use them frequently in our own projects! We would never settle for anything that does not meet our strict quality standards, and we believe that our customers shouldn’t either.

Our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint can be used to complement and top a surface or wall with a metallic sheen or it can be mixed with one of our huge variety of shades and colours to create a unique and personalised finish. Our products supply users with a deep, rich colour payoff that stands out from all other offerings on the market.

Samples and Guidance

If you are unsure or would like any advice regarding our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We can offer our clients expert advice and guidance regarding all the products that we offer at Bellissimo. If you require a sample of our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint, we can supply this upon request. However, if you wish to see a swatch, you can purchase our colour swatch brochure. Our brochure showcases all colours in our metallic paint range and can offer inspiration for application and combinations.


If you are searching for a product that can offer you stunning finished and endless possibilities, our Silver Metallic Water Base Paint can provide you with a plethora of finishes and applications. To order this product or for more information regarding similar products, please follow the links below.