Silver Metallic Paint

At Bellissimo, we are all about high-quality products at fair and competitive prices. Our Silver Metallic Paint is an exceptional product that can be used independently or combined with colour or tint of your choosing to create a bespoke and unique product that is individual to you. Our metallic paint is second to none and comes out on top when compared to brand leaders and industry favourites. The pigment and colour pay-off is exceptional and leaves an exquisite finish on metal, wood and polished plaster surfaces.

Where can our Silver Metallic Paint be used?

Our Silver Metallic Paint is suitable for use in both internal and external areas. Its formula allows for easy application by any trained professional and a flexible and adaptable product. Our metallic paints can be used as a primary finish on a range of surfaces like wood, metal and walls. Apply as a thin coat for a hint of colour and glitter or layer for extra opacity and colour pay-off. As a primary pigment, our Silver Metallic Paint can be used to add extra dimension and a sheen of colour to wood, metal or walls. Over Marmorino or Skimmed Plaster, our Silver Metallic Paint can bring out the beauty of the plastering work.

What is the formula of our Silver Metallic Paint?

Our silver Metallic Paint is water-based, easy to use and apply. As a water-based product, it is low odour and quick-drying, allowing for easy and efficient application. With a thick, glossy consistency, our Silver Metallic Paint stand up against industry leaders and brand favourites. We have tested our product against a range of the nations bran favourites and we feel that our product is second to none.

Our Metallic Paint colour range

Our colours and tints that we offer can be added to any of our base colours of metallic paint to create your bespoke and unique finish. We have over 60 different colour pigments and tints that you can use to create your perfect paint. Including silver, our base colours of metallic paint are:

  • Gold
  • Old Gold
  • Silver
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Burgandy

If you would like to order a sample of our Silver Metallic Paint or any of our metallic paints, please contact a member of our team. We can supply a swatch brochure and samples of every base colour and additional pigment and paints that you would like to use.

Everything else

Please follow us on Instagram and other social media platforms to see our projects, customers photographs and inspiration regarding our Silver Metallic Paint. If you require any training to get the very best from our metallic paint range, please contact our team to discuss your requirements. We can arrange personal or group training to help you get the most from our products. We do recommend that our Silver Metallic Paint and other metallic paints are only every handled and applied by trained professionals. For any further information or to discuss your project with our team further, please follow the link below: