Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces

Our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces is an exceptional and superior product that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. We offer this high-quality, water-based product to our customers as a competitor for leading brands and industry favourites. Rich in colour and glitter, this high-quality paint is second to none.

Features of our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces

We supply our Supreme Metallic Gold for Metal Surfaces in a 1ltr container for effective and efficient use by professionals. We have used this product in our own projects for a number of years and we find that it cannot be beaten. The thick, glossy formula lends itself to easy handling and application. Our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces can be applied in a thin covering or as multiple layers for an opaque finish.

As a water-based product, our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces is low odour and dries quickly for easy and efficient application.

High-Quality Product

We guarantee that our water-based paint is of the highest quality. We have compared our product to industry leaders and brand favourites and find that it stands up as a competitor. Every drop is packed with glitter and pigment and supplies and unrivalled sheen and coverage on any surface. Applicable on metal, wood and polished plaster surfaces, our supreme formula provides beautiful colour and gloss.


We can provide over 60 different pigments and tints to add to our supreme metallic paint. We work alongside you to ensure that we can provide a bespoke and unique finish to suit your needs. We have a collection of over 60 different pigments, colours and tints that can combine to create a bespoke finish for your project. We offer a swatch booklet and sample pots for every colour and paint that we provide, so you can be sure that you are investing in the right product for you.

Our supreme metallic paint is available in the following base colours:

  • Gold
  • Old gold
  • Burgundy
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Aluminium

Why do we like it?

Our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces is perfect as both a primary and secondary finish. As a primary finish, you can use our paint as a glossy top coat on wooden, metal and polished surfaces. As a secondary finish, our gold and metallic paint can be used over polished or Marmorino plaster. This product is versatile and adaptable and allows our customers and clients a way to get creative and produce bespoke and beautiful finishes.

Everything else

If you require any training or teaching regarding our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for Metal Surfaces, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We can help you get the very best from our products and provide you with the skills and knowledge to create bespoke and interesting decorating solutions. For any information on our metallic paint range or for help in arranging training, please follow the link below: