Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for wooden surfaces

Our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for wooden surfaces is an exceptional product that is second to none. It can be used on wooden, metal and polished plaster surfaces both internally and externally to add extra dimension and a pop of colour. A beautiful way to complement any surface, our metallic paints can add depth and uniqueness to any project.

Features of our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint

Our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for wooden surfaces is a product that we are exceptionally proud of and use in all of our own projects. We are so confident in our metallic paint range that we have compared it to a variety of industry leaders and brand favourites. In colour pay-off and application, our metallic paint range is second to none.

As a water-based product, our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for wooden surfaces is easy to apply and clean from tools. Water-based also means that it is low odour and quick-drying. Our professional team find our metallic paint range a joy to work with and of unrivalled quality

Supreme Metallic Gold Paint formula

This water-based product is low odour and easy to apply. Our metallic paint range is packed with colourful pigment and glitter, ensuring an even and rich tone throughout. We recommend that our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint for wooden surfaces is applied and handled by professionals for the very best results. The thick, glossy formula of our metallic paints allows for easy application in thin and buildable layers. As a primary finish, our metallic paint adds a splash of colour and glitter to any wooden, metallic or polished plaster surface. As a secondary finish, it can add depth and dimension to polished or Marmorino Plaster and bring out the beauty of the plaster.

For the application, we recommend that our product is handled by trained professionals only. We recommend that it is applied with the following tools:

  • Roller
  • Ribbon Roller
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Professional Decorators Glove

Why do we like it?

Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, our metallic paint range can be used for a variety of projects. We offer a range of supreme metallic paints, including the base colours:

  • Gold
  • Old Gold
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Aluminium
  • Burgandy

If you would like to create a unique and bespoke colour combination, please contact our team. We can offer you a range of over 60 different pigments and tints to help you create your personalised paint. We can develop new and interesting colour combinations that are designed specifically with you in mind.

Everything else

We provide our Supreme Metallic Gold Paint in 1ltr tubs. For your convenience, if you require a sample, our team can arrange for a pot in any colour of your choosing. We provide swatch booklets and samples for our entire range of paints and products. If you require training or any guidance surrounding the application and management of our products, please speak with our team. We can offer training and teaching at your earliest convenience to ensure that you get the very best from our products. For further information, please follow the link below: